"The Packing Game" at the Nuyorican Theater Festival - NYC

We're very excited to announce that Dirk's short play "The Packing Game" will have its premiere in New York City at the Nuyorican Theater Festival 2019. Rebecca Werner will be the cast, Sarah Jane Schostack will direct.


If you're in NYC, go to the Lower East Side and see Dirk's amazing play. 


Performances: 19 July, 7pm; 20 July, 5pm; 21 July, 7pm; 27 July, 4pm; 28 July, 5pm.


Dirk reading poetry in New York

During his recent visit to NYC, Dirk read some of his poetry at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. 


The Nuyorican Poets Cafe is an amazing place for poetry, music, the visual arts and theatre. Next time you're in New York City, go an check it out!


Here's the crowd waiting to get in.


Balthasar ...weil er böse ist

Strictly for boys and strictly in German!


Dr Dirk's new book. Check it out here.


Ich heiße Balthasar. In Bonn werde ich Zeuge eines Raubs. Ein altes Buch ist weg. Am nächsten Tag, Marseille, fehlt ebenfalls ein Buch; in Kairo auch. Und in einer Pyramide geht ein Siegelring verloren. Hängt damit zusammen, dass mich ein dunkler Schattenmann entführen lässt? Oder liegt es an der geheimnisvollen Vase in den Schluchten von Verdon, deren Inhalt nur ein schlauer – aber toter – Archäologe kennt? Keine Angst, ich finde es heraus, denn die Welt ist in Gefahr. Und ich rette sie.


A new kids book in German by Dr Dirk

„...wenn...der...blaue...spiegel...rot...ist...müssen...drei...mit...zwei ...ohne...gehen...damit...eins...das...mit...schafft”:

17 Wörter, 51 Pünktchen, 73 Buchstaben, alle klein geschrieben, keine Kommas, dazu bunte Striche, Kreise und ein Dreieck. Was dieser Rätselsatz auf der Schatzkarte genau bedeutet, finden Ellen Hellen, Bella Smella und Tom Tom auf einer verrückten Reise voller Abenteuer in drei Tagen und zweieinhalb Nächten heraus.


Das neue Kinderbuch von Dr Dirk gibt's hier.


"10,9,2 - I dare you - Zoo" --- out now!


Great news! Finally the wait is over. Dr Dirk published his new kids book 10,9,2 - I dare you - Zoo 



Reader feedback is overwhelming. People call it the quirkiest kids book since Dr Seuss. You must see for yourself; exclusively on Amazon


Introducing dr_dirk_writes


We just discovered 

dr_dirk_writes and 

Me and Mister Addisseebuhty. 


Some influential literary critics - who can't be named publicly yet - say its the quirkiest kids book writing and drawing the global literary world has seen since Dr Seuss.


The social media community also agrees, with dr_dirk_writes literally going viral. However, since it's done only in private groups that don't give access to the general public, we can't confirm officially.


So see for yourself; exclusively here and on Instagram.


Meet the new Galerie Zadra

Since buying Marshall Arts in January 2013, the market for Aboriginal fine art has changed. More and more collectors in Europe and the US are showing interest in these unique and very beautiful works of art. To meet this demand, we've decided to rebrand from Marshall Arts to Galerie Zadra and run as an online gallery. For our valued artist, art centres and clients, nothing else will change. Galerie Zadra remains an Australian business with the same impeccable ethics and exceptional service.


The new Galerie Zadra website is now live. So feel free to have a look!


Abdulhai Darya

Today, we would like to share with you the art of Abdulhai Darya, a fantastic young artist photographer from Afghanistan.


His images convey an incredible sense of strength and sensibility, displaying the depth and truth of their subjects without robbing them of their dignity. Distance is transformed into closeness. The viewer can literally feel a delicate touch. In other words - real art!


Please click here to see Abdulhai's works on his website.


Australian Script Centre markets - I looked into the darkness around me

The Australian Script Centre, through OzPlay, is now marketing Dirk's play I looked into the darkness around me, and also profiles Dirk on their Playwrights page.


Click here for more information about the play, and here to see Dirk's profile.



Karen and Dirk talk Art

Ocula, the online magazine for the Asia-Pacific contemporary art scene, caught up with Karen and Dirk to find out more about their philosophies behind Marshall Arts, and what is on the cards in 2014. Read the complete interview here.


I looked into the darkness around me - now published

Dirk's play is now on Amazon.
Dirk's play is now on Amazon.

For all of you who enjoy reading, you can now purchase I looked into the darkness around me as e-book on Amazon. Simply go to any Amazon page, for example www.amazon.com, and download your copy. Happy reading!



Exciting news - We bought Marshall Arts


Marshall Arts is one of the best Aboriginal Art galleries in Australia and works with Australia's leading art centres, collectors and institutions. Founded by the finest people in the industry, Graeme and Ros Marshall, and their equally wonderful children Erica, Scott and Jane, we are very fortunate, humbled, and excited to begin a new chapter of Marshall Arts's rich history in January when we take over as owners.


The foundations of Marshall Arts are built on the Marshall's rock solid ethics, which we share. We will continue to bring our clients the best work from the best communities around the country.


For more information about Marshall Arts, click here.



Boxes of Love

Behind the Tragedy Mask in Hope, triumphant is Bonnie Stewart. Bonnie is not only an integral part of the photograph, she's also the founder of With Love & Lipstick, a non-for-profit organisation aiming to raise awareness of Violence Against Women. 


With Love & Lipstick would like to donate over 100 Boxes of Love to women’s shelters in Adelaide on White Ribbon Day, 25 November. Says Bonnie: "Last financial year, these women's shelters gave safety to 960 women and 645 children."


zee.productions is calling on all of you to make your own Box of Love and support Bonnie. Above, you can get some ideas of what could go in your box. Once your own Box of Love is packed, just drop it off at the Glenelg Police Station.



Interview with Peter Goers on ABC891

Carmel and Dirk were on Peter Goers' Evening Show on ABC891 Adelaide on Monday, 14 May. Missed the interview?
Here it is as an mp3-file for download.
Peter Goers - Into the Darkness.mp3
MP3 Audio File 3.1 MB

Review on broadwayworld.com

Brooklyn Ley, reviewing I looked into the darkness around me on the Australia page of broadwayworld.com, writes:


Having seen the show, it is completely heart-wrenching and emotional. The despair of the wife is real, the anger you feel towards the husband even more so. The cast is phenomenal. The costumes and sets are full of inspired symbolism, and the lighting is beautiful. It is a play that will stay with you forever.

To read the complete review, please follow the link.



Minister Hunter officially launches our season

The Hon. Ian Hunter MLC
The Hon. Ian Hunter MLC

We are very honoured and proud that the Hon. Ian Hunter MLC, Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion, has kindly agreed to officially launch our season of I looked into the darkness around me.


The Minister made the following comment on our production:


'As a fellow White Ribbon Ambassador, I am aware of the important work undertaken by the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast to raise awareness of the effects and prevalence of domestic violence against women in our community. I commend your contribution to this important cause.'


Sausage Sizzle for White Ribbon

All smiles at Easter - (l-r) a friendly lady from Bunnings, Hamish, Dirk, Trevor, and Karen.
All smiles at Easter - (l-r) a friendly lady from Bunnings, Hamish, Dirk, Trevor, and Karen.

What a better way to spend Easter Sunday and Monday than at Bunnings in Kent Town, raising awareness of White Ribbon and cooking up some snags for the lads?!


We did just that. 


Thanks to all the good people (men, women, families) who bought a sausage - or two - and had a chat about White Ribbon and the work we're doing here in South Australia.



"Message on Ribbon" on International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day!


The White Ribbon Campaign has included Message on a Ribbon in its national, official e-newsletter today. For more information, and to view the White Ribbon e-newsletter, click here


And don't forget to swear the oath.



The Crows support our current show

The Adelaide Football Club - a.k.a. the Mighty Crows - has kindly donated a 2012 AFC Reebok Adult's Home Guernsey to help support our play I looked into the darkness around me in association with Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast.


Thank you, Crows!!


The guernsey is signed by the new AFC Senior Coach, Brenton Sanderson, and the AFC Captain, Nathan van Berlo with his number 7!


For your chance to win this framed, highly collectible piece of Crows memorabilia join us in May during our season at Holden Street Theatres, or contact us here.


The lucky winner will be drawn before the audience of our final performance on May 19.



zee.productions in January

Sue and Dirk are lighting up!
Sue and Dirk are lighting up!

More Light!


The anecdote goes that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German cultural icon, was asked on his deathbed about his last wish. He simply said: More Light!


Dirk and our lighting designer, Susan Grey-Gardner, are also very well aware of the importance of light for a meaningful performance. The two had a look at Holden Street Theatres in January to ensure that all is in order for our May production.


Dirk and Sue reported back that Goethe's last wish will be fulfilled!


A friendly man and his washing
A friendly man and his washing

Message on a Ribbon


A friendly man is hanging out the washing. We don't know who he is.


But we do know that he's using the iconic Hills Hoist, and so are we!


During February and March, zee.productions will install a Hills Hoist at various locations around Adelaide as part of an art project. People will be able to write their name or a message about gender violence on a white ribbon and attach it to the Hoist.


We kick off on Sunday, 19 February in Norwood, then Saturday, 25 February on the Semaphore Foreshore, and Sunday, 26 February on the Grange Foreshore.


Come along, "write" your say, and definitely watch this space!



zee.productions on White Ribbon Day

Dirk addresses White Ribbon in Adelaide
Dirk addresses White Ribbon in Adelaide

One fine morning ...

The 25th of November was a crisp spring morning when we launched our new production of I looked into the darkness around me in association with the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast.


The Adelaide Festival Centre Banquet Room was packed with 450 eager White Ribbon Breakfast supporters from all walks of life committed to stopping violence against women.

Amonst them were dignitaries the Governor Kevin Scarce, Premier Jay Weatherill, Federal Minister Kate Ellis, Minister Ian Hunter, Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond, Prospect Mayor David O'Loughlin ... and many more.

Our deepest thanks to all who attended the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast, and to the Committee members for making it all happen. You are truely wonderful people; and it was a great start to a busy White Ribbon Day!

118 decibels of "No!" to gender violence
118 decibels of "No!" to gender violence

Listen up, men!


Next stop, City of Charles Sturt.


At a very loud 118 decibels, we all shouted out 'No!' to violence against women. To put that sound level into perspective, a jet plane at take-off is between 110-140db!

Each year the Council organises a Shout on White Ribbon Day. Last year's noise level was 120 decibels; the men have promised to bring some more mates and yell louder next year. Thanks guys - we have no doubt that you'll achieve it!

The City of Charles Sturt is a Silver Sponser for the May 2012 season of I looked into the darkness around me. Thank you, City of Charles Sturt!


P.S. Where's Dirk? Hint: he's wearing the same jumper.