Here's what you thought.


We are very humbled by the overwhelming response from our audiences to the 2012 production of I looked into the darkness around me. There has been a deep, honest silence during each performance as the audience became absorbed in the unfolding drama on stage.


When we embarked on this creative endeavour with the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast - which took us 18 months of preparation -, we were confident that I looked into the darkness around me had the power to touch hearts and minds. And it has! 


Here's what people have said and emailed to us:


"It is one of the best plays I have seen for quite a while."

- R.P.



"fantastic", "brilliant", "I'm still unpacking it and probably will be for a while yet", "leaves other productions I've seen recently for dead", "amazing", "awesome", "very well done"

"I found the impact of the play was intensely powerful, with similar sentiments echoed by many", "very moving", "a very thought provoking production - very well done to all involved"


"the conversations are so real - we've all heard these types of conversations", "beautiful imagery", "powerful symbolism", "brilliant acting" , "everybody should see this"


"congratulations on your play which was very thought provoking", "coming down from an emotional high it was great to meet the actors and be reassured they were really very happy and charming - testimony to their acting ability!!"

"the play is compelling, well directed and you have assembled a superb cast", "we really enjoyed it, well done"


"I found the play moving & powerful. Will put on FB asap. Congratulations on this initiative - & I loved the Hills Hoist and Message on a Ribbon"


"Well done for a very fine and powerfully presented drama."



Matthew Ives, Cultural Development Coordinator of the City of Unley, writes:


"My background is in theatre and directing contemporary social issues so this was of particular interest to me. The script was excellent and there were some fine performances. The pace of the piece was also excellent. I particularly enjoyed the monologues which were both rich and thought provoking. I hope you meet with success for the rest of the season. We are promoting the show and are proud to be associated with it."



Brooklyn Ley, reviewing I looked into the darkness around me on the Australia page of, writes:

"Having seen the show, it is completely heart-wrenching and emotional. The despair of the wife is real, the anger you feel towards the husband even more so. The cast is phenomenal. The costumes and sets are full of inspired symbolism, and the lighting is beautiful. It is a play that will stay with you forever." 



Sue Manger writes:


"A thought provoking and wonderful night at the theatre where direction,acting and imagery all work in harmony about the dis-harmony in our lives. Please write and produce more such good work - many thanks."


"I found it incredibly well acted, very deep and thought provoking and was so shaken by the violence that I was unsure that I could see it again - but I did 2 more times and each time I saw more in it. Your play has reached out and shared the message with a much wider audience. To you and your cast and crew - congratulations!"

- G.L.C.


"Congratulations on the play, it was so well acted, so confronting, so uncomfortable, but so real. You must have been incredibly proud of the actors, their performances were excellent.
The dress of white ribbons was so clever...such a powerful symbol.
My daughter and I have had many conversations about the play and the questions in the programme........that's one of the roles of theatre isn't it? To make you think and think again and think about things you've not thought at all about or thought of for a long time?
 I'm sure the play raised awareness about DV and I hope that it might be picked up by another state....that would be exciting.
 Some of the women who work in DV received my email and came along on the night. Apparently they went somewhere for long night of drinks and talking afterwards."

- P.L.

"Among the group of people I brought along, your show was very popular and achieved just what WR Breakfast Committee set to do ... confront people, make them talk, re-think and change some of their interactions - physically, mentally and emotionally."

- D.M.

"Just wanted to say that your play was exceedingly well done. Casting was great, minimalistic setting was interesting and it was very captivating. The underlying psychology behind her actions was perfect, and the way that she married a man with similar attributes to her parents was very interesting. It let many of us wondering if it was written with inspiration from your own experiences, or on creative whim. Either way, its purpose was humble and inspiring. I particularly liked the song that played during the dancing scene."

- S.G.

"Thank you for the wonderful night last night. I don't often get to enjoy the theatre these days - not like in my younger years, so last night was a special treat."

- A.


We would like to thank M. and L. who have kindly allowed us to post their complete emails to us on our website.


Thank you so much once again for inviting me to attend “I Looked Into The Darkness…”.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people, who are focused on this cause. 

It is their passion and drive that brings love, hope, and a feeling of relief that the victim is being heard

I thought the cast was simply amazing – and delivered their message in a way that was just so ‘real’.  There were so many times I wanted to SHOUT OUT and not be silent!  The justification or lack of acknowledgement, for “Adam’s” behaviour was so surreal for me to watch – and of course the ‘blaming’… you make me, you are the problem, I forgive you.. etc.  This rang very true to me.

As for my own personal situation and abuse by my husband, at the time being very young and innocent thinking, was told by my father that this was to be accepted as being part of a women and what married life was all about. Makes me wonder what my Mum went through!

As you know, I think of myself as one of the lucky ones – I was brave enough to leave the marriage and get on with my life & I've never looked back!

After seeing this play, I feel somewhat relieved (?) & assured that I wasn’t the problem, it was about him and it was not my fault!

The guilt I carry – still – never really goes away… but last night reminded me its a joyful relief - knowing that I’m alive and I’m free and I can now be me.  And I’m passion about WR’s message and do everything I can to not be silent!

- M.


I feel very fortunate to have been asked to attend the performance of "I Looked into the Darkness".

The whole experience was very moving and challenging – the message building from the white ribbons hanging from the clothes hoist to the clear statements made by actual performance. 

The actors were amazing – completely mesmerising!

I was drawn into the play the moment the Inspector started speaking. I feel like I held my breath for 90mins!

What a roller coaster ride of emotions - the performance was so raw! 

I am sure, like me, everyone in the audience wanted to shout out to help the nameless woman - and I am sure that "Adam" felt our eyes burning into him. 

The message was so strong (dialogue & visual… the way the wife’s dress (of white ribbons!) unravelled as the story progressed mad me so sad!) and certainly left me a lot to think about as this subject touches all of us in so many different ways.

It took a long time to digest (and I still am) what I had seen and heard.  Putting all the bits and pieces together, later at home, I felt I needed to see the play again to really comprehend what had happened.  I’m thinking of taking a few friends with me as well.

As I said it was quite raw and opened a few wounds for myself as probably most of the audience.

Well done to the writers and the actors I was truly moved by the whole experience and was left thinking what will I do in this situation??

- L.