I looked into the darkness around me

"It is a play that will stay with you forever." - Brooklyn Ley, broadwayworld.com


"I was watching a couple drown and there was nothing I could do to save them."

- Michael Hafftka


"It is one of the best plays I have seen for quite a while."  - R.P.


"We are proud to be associated with it." - Matthew Ives, City of Unley


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Photos: © Robert McFarlane


I never did anything wrong. She had her reasons for what she did, and I've always had mine. If you'd met her, you would understand. 


A woman is found dead by her husband in the car in their garage. An inspector investigates and tries to understand. Was it suicide or the end point of a complex marriage? A power play unfolds between a woman and her husband revealing a relationship marked by loneliness, broken trust, violence, unfulfillable hopes, and promises for change.


I had no power over her. She was so focused on herself, on what she did, there was no way for me to step in and help. All I could do was watch.





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Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast


4-19 May 2012

Holden Street Theatres - Adelaide


Carmel Johnson - Inspector

Roberto Zenca - Husband

Shannon Mackowski - Wife


Susan Grey-Gardner - Lighting design

Oriana Merullo - Costumes

Marie-Thérèse Rushwan - Make-up & Hair

Karen Zadra - Set design

Alexandra Hiller - Set design consultant

Liz Jilbert - Backstage Manager

Dirk Zadra - Writer & Director


Photo: © Robert McFarlane
Photo: © Robert McFarlane