Sometimes you're offered an opportunity...


...when you least expect it.


We were planning our 2012 production of I looked into the darkness around me when a Hills Hoist entered the scene. The question then became how we could use that opportunity in a way that would allow us to simultaneously promote our play, while spreading White Ribbon's message of ending all violence against women.


The solution was deceptively simple!


1. Take one Hills Hoist 

The Hoist is one of Australia's great cultural icons. Symbolic of family life, it evokes strong memories of carefree days as an innocent child swinging from its arms, playing hide and seek among freshly laundered sheets.


2. Add lengths of white satin ribbon enscribed with messages of non-violence 

Encourage people to write their own messages on ribbons which are then tied to the lines. Enjoy the sight of these beautiful messages fluttering in the breeze!


3. Take the Hoist to various locations around Adelaide

We wanted as many people as possible from different areas to get involved in this art project. Age, gender and language were no barriers. Our youngest Messagee was only three, and one Gentleman has left a message in Arabic! We took the Hoist to the following locations:


19 February 2012   Norwood Parade, entrance to the Coles Mall

25 February 2012   Semaphore Foreshore (opposite the jetty)

26 February 2012   Grange Foreshore (opposite the jetty)

3 March 2012   Scots Church forecourt, cnr North Terrace & Pultney Street

10 March 2012   Scots Church forecourt, cnr North Terrace & Pultney Street

17 March 2012 Prospect Fair, St Helen's Park, Prospect Road


4. Install the Hoist at a prominent cultural site

The final, temporary location for the Hoist was on 1 April 2012 on the steps of Parliament House, Adelaide. Parliament House is the seat of our democratically elected representatives; it is where legislative power is centred. The Hoist with ribbons is a symbolic message from the people, to the people. Set against the masculine mass of grey stone, it gently reminds us all to strive for a kinder, safer life for women, our mothers.


5. Commission an exceptional photographer to capture this moment

We are deeply honoured to have Robert McFarlane involved in this Message on a Ribbon art project for White Ribbon.