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Dirk addresses White Ribbon in Adelaide
Dirk addresses White Ribbon in Adelaide

One fine morning ...

The 25th of November was a crisp spring morning when we launched our new production of I looked into the darkness around me in association with the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast.


The Adelaide Festival Centre Banquet Room was packed with 450 eager White Ribbon Breakfast supporters from all walks of life committed to stopping violence against women.

Amonst them were dignitaries the Governor Kevin Scarce, Premier Jay Weatherill, Federal Minister Kate Ellis, Minister Ian Hunter, Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond, Prospect Mayor David O'Loughlin ... and many more.

Our deepest thanks to all who attended the Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast, and to the Committee members for making it all happen. You are truely wonderful people; and it was a great start to a busy White Ribbon Day!

118 decibels of "No!" to gender violence
118 decibels of "No!" to gender violence

Listen up, men!


Next stop, City of Charles Sturt.


At a very loud 118 decibels, we all shouted out 'No!' to violence against women. To put that sound level into perspective, a jet plane at take-off is between 110-140db!

Each year the Council organises a Shout on White Ribbon Day. Last year's noise level was 120 decibels; the men have promised to bring some more mates and yell louder next year. Thanks guys - we have no doubt that you'll achieve it!

The City of Charles Sturt is a Silver Sponser for the May 2012 season of I looked into the darkness around me. Thank you, City of Charles Sturt!


P.S. Where's Dirk? Hint: he's wearing the same jumper.

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